Who We Are

We are a registered non-profit organization in the U.S. and Mexico.
We are a dedicated group who share a common mission
to serve families in our community.

Program Director

Hope Manzano became the Oasis program director in 2018. Since she was six years old, she was raised in Vicente Guerrero just around the corner from the first Oasis campus. After high school, Hope went back to the U.S. and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Community Health Sciences. She then started a career in Human Resources because she is passionate about working with other people. In 2017, Hope moved back to Mexico with her son and took over a small home for girls where her parents served. In 2018, she became the director of Oasis where she met her husband Juan who also worked there! Hope and Juan continue to care for two of the girls from her parents' home that has since closed. They had a son in 2020 and are expecting another baby in early 2022!


Site Managers

Las Misiones Campus- Merari Diaz

Merari joined Oasis in 2013. She was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and moved to Baja California when she was eight. As the oldest in her family, Merari had to help take care of her younger five brothers. This meant she often couldn't go to school, but instead went to work in the fields to help support her family. Through years of hard work and determination, she eventually finished high school and got into college. She started working as a teacher at Oasis to help pay for her studies and became the site manager in 2018. Merari is a hard worker with a dependable and determined personality who will soon officially graduate from law school! She has one daughter and hopes to continue learning and using her education to serve families in need. 

Las Aves Campus- Karina Bautista

Karina joined Oasis in 2017. She was born in Sinaloa, Mexico and has lived in Baja California since she was six.  She started as a teacher in Las Aves and has been the site manager now for several years. Her creativity and energy has been integral to the success and growth of this second Oasis location. Karina is married to Chuy, who works in construction and they have one daughter together who has practically grown up in Oasis. She loves to see the kids learn and work hard to achieve their dreams. Her passion is to continue helping underprivileged kids in more communities so they stay in school and are motivated to succeed. 

Triqui Campus- Cynthia Aguilar

Cynthia started as one of the first teachers hired at Oasis in 2012 and recently became the director of our 3rd location. She is so great with the little kids and her gentle spirit is loved by all. Two of her sisters also work at Oasis and the rest of her family works in construction, farming, and party decorating! Apart from teaching, Cynthia loves to continue learning and is currently studying naturopathy, wine making, physical therapy, and natural cosmetology

Local Staff Members

Our staff members include one site manager at each of the three campuses,  a full-time property manager at the original Oasis, and multiple teachers, cooks, interns, and volunteers. All of our staff are from the local community and many of our teachers are college students studying to be school teachers. Our staff members are all passionate about serving and helping other people to improve their lives. Between the three Oasis campuses we have about 30 staff members.

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