Who We Are

We are a registered non-profit organization in the U.S. and Mexico.

We are a dedicated group who share a common mission

to serve families in our community.

Board Members

Mark Collins, TN

Monte Collins, TN 

David Fowler, NC

Ken Dodge, TN

James Pinheiro, CA

Ed Bush, CA

Saul & Amber Machado, Mexico


Program Director

Hope Manzano is the current director of both Oasis locations as of August 2018. Since she was six years old, she was raised in Vicente Guerrero just around the corner from Oasis. After high school, Hope went back to the U.S. and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Community Health Sciences. She then started a career in Human Resources because she is passionate about working with other people. In 2017 Hope moved back to Mexico where she took over a small home for displaced girls. Soon after, she became the director and took over from Karly Dallas who served as director for the first seven years of Oasis.  



Local Staff Members


Our staff members include a full-time property manager, teachers, cooks, interns, and volunteers. All of our staff are from the local community and many of our teachers are college students studying to be school teachers. Our staff members are all passionate about serving and helping other people to improve their lives. Between both Oasis campuses we have about 20 staff members.