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Our Story

        In 2004, Mark & Kaye Collins and several others with a Baja Mission's group from Indiana visited a little Church of Christ in Vicente Guerrero (V.G.). They fell in love with the people and community and organized more trips over the years to support the church and its members. More people from the U.S. got involved and eventually a property was purchased across the street from the church for the construction of a community building. In a few years, the "blue building" was built on the property and included a kitchen, dining area, four classrooms, bathrooms, storage, and a playground.

       In July of 2011, two young ladies from the U.S. named Karly Dallas and Kristen Main moved to V.G. to start a kids program in the new building with support from several families and churches. After some time of brainstorming and networking, the need for an after school program became clear and the idea for Oasis began to take shape. Oasis officially started in August of 2011 with two teachers, a few volunteers from the church, and 20 kids. In the following years, Oasis grew significantly, gained more support, and now has programs in three locations, serves over 250 kids, and has more than 30 staff members. The program continues to grow and a separate teen center is on the horizon for the future. 

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