What We Do

We reduce the obstacles that cause students to drop out of school.

We provide educational support and motivation to help kids and teens keep studying.

We advocate for our students and help them succeed.

 We provide the following for our students:

  • Tutoring, mentoring and one-on-one attention

  • Special classes like art, crafts, dance, music, and cooking, etc.

  • Daily hot meals 

  • School supplies and backpacks

  • Assistance with school uniforms and other expenses

  • Field trips, sports, parties, and prizes

  • Access to computers and the Internet

  • Community service projects 

  • Specialized programs in the summer

  • Connections to other community resources


Why an After School Program?

       Children get out of school hours before their parents are home from work, leaving them alone and unattended. During this window of time, kids are vulnerable, at risk, and could easily get into trouble. Our neighborhood is full of negative influences tempting to pull children into lives of delinquency, substance abuse, vandalism and gangs. Oasis exists to provide a safe environment for kids and teens after school so they can experience healthy and positive influences. We also created the program because many kids are below grade level and struggle to do their homework. The majority of kids in our neighborhood have parents who did not finish elementary school or cannot read and write and are simply unable to help their kids. 


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