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Sponsor a Student

Sponsoring a child or teenager puts a real name, face, and story to your financial contributions. Sponsorship plans cover the costs associated with attending public school and/or pay for a student to be enrolled in the Oasis program. Unfortunately, many kids drop out of school because they lack the required financial resources (mandatory school uniforms, school supplies, and tuition fees). Some kids even stop going to school so they can work in the fields to support their families. At Oasis, we make sure all of our students know that they never need to stop studying simply because of lack of funds. They know they can count on us to support them financially so they can continue toward educational success and achieve their dreams.  If you are interested in sponsorship, contact us. 

Oasis Student      $30/month
Two or three days a week of the Oasis program which includes hot meals, tutoring, Internet, computer and printing, crafts, games, sports, field trips, prizes, and parties 


Elementary School Student     $200/year
Two school uniforms, a backpack and school supplies for the year 


Middle School Student      $250/year
Two school uniforms, a backpack and school supplies, Internet and printing services 


High School Student       $150/semester 
Tuition, uniform, supplies, and transportation


College Student          $100-$300/semester 

Tuition, supplies, transportation, exams

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